Language courses for children

The Children’s Section of El Leon Language Centre provides special language training consistent with the age of the students, using the communicative approach, i.e. students and teacher communicate only in the foreign language. The youngest learners are taught with the use of games and play, audio and video equipment, interactive computer programmes. Adolescent learners can take Spoken English classes with American teachers, Spoken Italian classes with an Italian, and can go to summer school in Italy.

The English classes for children are divided in 7 levels, and children can be enrolled at a preschool age or later. They acquire excellent command of the English language, which also helps them learn a second foreign language. Classes take place twice a week with duration of two school hours at a time convenient for the students. We also offer one-to-one tuition in foreign languages for children.

We organize preparatory classes for exams such as Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, for private pupils of high schools with foreign language teaching and for graduation exams in foreign languages.